In Praise of Women

Composing more than half the world’s population, proving themselves in every field formerly reserved for men (including military combat), while yet continuing to mother and raise families, women are still not recognized as perfectly equal in any country, let alone superior in some ways. But we are inching closer. Let’s talk about what is trending.

Music Sunday

Worship Assistant: Leland Bond-Upson

The Truth About Stories

Each of us operates in the world with a narrative that we tell ourselves. How do we keep our story from limiting our understanding of the truth? How do we open up to the stories of others Worship Assistant: Dan Kalkbrenner

Sermon on the Amount

The Sermon On the Amount, or, When Spiritual But Not Religious Is Not Enough The title is an old Unitarian (pre-UU) joke, and the subtitle is the name of an important book, on the subject of what “Church” is worth to us. You are invited to think a bit on what this Church means to … Continued

If You Can Keep It

We will explore the characteristics of some of our founding American statesmen with emphasis on Presidents Washington and Lincoln. The relationship between Freedom, Virtue, and Religion will be related to our Unitarian Universalist principles. Can we keep it? Let us see. Worship Assistant: Dave Yaeger

Bonhoeffer’s Jesus

Dietrich Bonhoeffer, a German Lutheran pastor, poet, and theologian, was, for his defiance of the Nazis, murdered by them April 9, 1945, four weeks before the end of the war in Europe. While he was in his final prison cell he wrote out some remarkable, revolutionary thoughts about Jesus, which may cause in you a … Continued

Forging Our Own Deliverance

How valuing freedom and generosity is transforming the world. Krista Flanagan, Worship Assistant

Gauguin’s Three Questions

An introduction to the new minister, and what we might do together. Worship Assistant: Tom Durkin

Beloved Community – the Promise and the Practice

In this Sunday’s service we will listen deeply to the stories in our movement that have not typically been heard by all Unitarian Universalists, the voices of UUs of color. Please join us as we examine our commitment to live into a new chapter in the story of our faith.

Grace-ful: The Art of Being at Ease

M.E. Tanabe from Tree of Life UU Congregation of McHenry will join us to deliver her sermon “Grace-ful: The Art of Being at Ease” – As UU’s we mostly have a rather casual relationship with the idea of “grace” – if we think about it at all. Grace usually appears in our conversations as a … Continued