Farewell to Steve Askins

Hope you can join us on Sunday for Steve’s final service as music director! It will be a normal service with all the regular elements, but with a mini concert in place of a sermon.

Tying It All Together

This is a multifaceted service, which will include a Teacher Thank-You ceremony, newly-minted Eagle Scout Mitch King’s bridging ceremony, and a homily on what budget decisions mean. This will lead into the Annual Meeting, where we tie it all together in a different way.


On Mother’s Day we will contemplate the blessings of motherhood and mothering. There’s a little something here, we hope, for everyone: some mother-music, some cosmology, some gender politics, some evoking our own mothers, some history of feminist power, and some evoking the mother within all of us.

Deep Hanging Out: Navigating the Social Divide

This sermon explores how we engage in productive citizen dialogue when we perceive others’ views as uninformed or immoral. The concept of “deep hanging out,” a term used by cultural anthropologists, will be offered as a strategy for resisting the construction of false binaries and for cultivating nuanced conversations about passionately held but disparate beliefs.

Solving the Climate Change

We are all facing an enormous challenge: Human caused global warming and climate change that threatens our future. This Sunday, we will focus on Solving the Climate Challenge. Guest speaker Deni Mathews has hopeful information about a bipartisan bill in Congress and will explain how we can build the momentum needed to preserve a livable … Continued

Eastertide Rebirths

In interfaith groups at this time of year I often find myself asked about the UU attitude toward Easter. I begin by saying that there is a wide array of attitudes towards almost all religious questions in Unitarian Universalism, and that most UUs doubt literal resurrection, and instead focus on rebirth in this world.


In the spring of 1974, I preached a sermon at S.F. First Unitarian, titled “Poor Richard Nixon.” This 2019 sermon updates what I said then about the relationship between understanding and forgiveness. Worship Assistant: David Yaeger

This is Why I Serve

At UUCE we affirm in our values and mission statement that we are a community who serve with love and compassion. This Sunday representatives from 3 of our committees will share why they serve our church.

The Truth, and How To Get It

There is a 1964 movie titled “The Knack, And How To Get It,” directed by Richard Lester, and starring a young Rita Tushingham.  We will attempt to bring a sense of humor to the fairly serious subject of truth, truthfulness, and ‘truthiness.’

Right Relations

Some people object to the ‘Right’ part of ‘Right Relations,’ because it seems to them self-righteous.  Well, yes, I suppose, but the fun part of forging an agreement about how we treat each other, outside but most especially inside the Church, is talking with each other about what is ‘right.’