Something’s happening in the rafters of our barn. Every Sunday morning, beginning at 9:00, adults of all stripes are climbing the stairs or riding the elevator up to the third floor to meet. It’s our Adult Spirituality classes.

Adult Sunday School

If you’re 16 or older, you’re invited to participate. Everyone in attendance contributes from his or her own experiences, readings and thoughts. The subject matter in the sessions that have ensued since its commencement several years ago, have included writing one’s own spiritual autobiography; discussing other liberal religions; delving into human nature and its place in the religious experience; defining one’s own ultimate reality; studying Unitarian Universalist church history; determining what is “holy”; considering the question “Is There Sin?”; evaluating good, evil and eschatology (the end of all things); and acknowledging and sharing ideas of justice.

It shows no signs of letting up, so no one has an excuse for not coming, except their inability to get up a little earlier on Sunday mornings. Plus there’s childcare for those who need it and coffee for those who need that.

You can join the group any Sunday, so why not live on the wild side? Join the Adult Spirituality pre-worship service, mental exercising group. There is no telling where the discussion may take you.