• Dotty Carringi (Chair)
  • Suzanne Hanifl
  • Diana March,
  • Jane Kimball
  • Andrea Budasi,
  • Sandy James


In the fall of 2016, Dotty Carringi took over the Chair responsibilities from Henny DuBois.  The Aesthetics Team performed three main functions during the church year including the following:

  1. Beautifying the church for the Ordination/Installation of Leslie Mills
  2. Assigning a person responsible for refreshing the flowers in the sanctuary and rotating
  3. the arrangements for the season or occasion.
  4. Exploring options for flooring replacement at UUCE.


Ordination and Installation

  • During the summer, several members helped tidy the back wall in Fellowship Hall (rehang the earth banner, frame some of the small posters, replace the art over the coffee bar), replace many quilts and other art with better ones from our storage.
  • We arranged for member Bob Bedard to paint the first floor main hallway.Suzanne Hanifl used her workmen to dust the high areas of the church, replace CFL lighting with more efficient LEDs (in the Sanctuary), install the banner and posts near the driveway entrance, and other jobs.
  • We purchased (with a donation from Roberta Nauman’s daughter) two benches and plaques for the concrete entrance to the church.
  • Several small signs were remade or removed on doors/windows.


  • Jane Kimball volunteered and made several seasonal arrangements for the space in front of the podium, using her own vases and artificial flowers. In April, Jane asked to be relieved of her flower duties, but no one stepped up to replace her.
  • We decided to revisit the positioning of the flowers; perhaps put them to the left of the podium. Possibly have a permanent plant or tree near the left corner of thestage area.

Flooring Options

Jane Kimball and Dotty Carringi met with Sheena John (Head of Maintenance) to explore writing a proposal for the Special Fund Task Force to request money to replace the worn flooring with more attractive, sustainable and practical options. Diana March found a very reliable and helpful contractor, who agreed to measure the floors and give several options. Exploration to be continued in June.

Respectfully submitted by Dotty Carringi, Aesthetics Chair