Why I give to UUCE.

Sixteen or 17 years ago, seeking deeper community and inspired by a friend’s experience at an area UU church, I found UUCE by searching the Yellow Pages. From the moment I walked in the door, I was greeted warmly and made to feel welcome. The service that day was engaging and thought-provoking, and I left knowing I would return the following week. I kept returning, too, despite moving to Berwyn and then to Oak Park, roughly an hours’ drive from UUCE. It would be much easier to attend Unity Temple or Third Unitarian—each a walkable distance from my home—but the investment of my time in commuting to and from our church is paid back with dividends that matter more than convenience.

I find spiritual and emotional sustenance at UUCE—as an atheist-Buddhist-Nature Girl, I’m still amazed at the ways our worship and community feed me!  

I feel valued here. People care about me and my family. I am invited to share my perspectives and talents, and I feel heard and appreciated when I do.

I have found community here—a place to give, to laugh, and to grow. I have built friendships across generations; I have a network of people I love who love me; I’m called to be a better person by my commitments to REE and the Committee on Ministry.

Quite simply, UUCE makes me happy and provides a place for others who, like me, have not found happiness in other religious communities. When I give to UUCE, not only do I invest in my own happiness, but I also get to invest in happiness for others whom I love and care about.