An Additional Way to Share Joys and Concerns

The Care Team has been exploring a way to share Joys and Concerns with members who are not able to attend a church service. We know this part of our service is a valuable way to stay connected with our church community. Beginning this Sunday, members can choose to also have their Joy or Concern posted on the church bulletin board. ( ) If you wish to share your message in this way, you would just need to fill out a card with the information and place it in a container located at the table in the sanctuary hallway (the narthex). A Care Team member will collect the cards each week, and those Joys and Concerns will be shared on the church bulletin board site. This is a site that is not available to the general public.

If you have questions about this procedure, please talk to any member of the Care Team: Chris Davis, Mary Knapp, Betsy Thrasher, Teresa Stultz, Ruth Durkin, Carol Ovelman and Joan Richardson.

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