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4th Sunday Styrofoam Collection January 26th!

Drivers Needed!

We collect CLEAN Styrofoam in the church vestibule, separating food grade from packaging Styrofoam.
If you can take a turn driving the Styrofoam to Dart Container Corp. in North Aurora, please contact Mary Alice Masonick. Thanks!

Organized by UUCE Green Team

UUCE Recycling and Safe Disposal Guidelines

Bring any of the following:

Household batteries
Inkjet cartridges (UUCE receives store credit at Office Max)
CFL bulbs (unbroken and enclosed individually in Ziplock bags for safe handling)
Styrofoam (Fourth Sunday)
Wine corks (real cork only)

Our Own Environment – Opportunities to Help!

Sign Up at the Visitors’ Table in the Fellowship Hall:


Join the Building Maintenance Team.
Drive Styrofoam collection to North Aurora.
Help with the prescribed prairie burn!
Empty kitchen compost into outdoor bin as needed.
Help replace fluorescent tubes with LED tubes.
Join the UUCE lawn mowers.
Sign up to help move … read more.