Board Meeting Minutes 1/15/20

Present: Stephen Day, Erica Lavine, Jamie Yucuis, Elizabeth Olson, Kevin Sweeney, Mary Knapp, Rev. Leland

Absent: Tom Lesiewicz

Called to order at 7:09

Consent Items/Reports — Accepted with no objections


Financial Reports

Endowment Committee Report

Executive Team minutes

Ongoing Business

Minister Contract Review — We reviewed the changes made after the last discussion. Elizabeth moved to accept , Stephen seconded, and it passed with a unanimous vote.

New Business

Discuss work calendar mention of external audit of finances – The governance policy currently calls for the Executive Team to meet Government or Board-Appointed auditor standards. This may be changed; Kevin is going to discuss with the Finance Committee.

Board Business

Self-monitoring – III – Governance Process – Discussed

Annual Work Plan – Removed mentions to External Audit of Finances (pursuant to External Audit discussion).

Trustee of the Day Schedule – Completed through February

Committee / Team charter review – Personnel Committee -The charter for the Personnel Committee was reviewed and discussed. The Board’s suggested changes will be passed on to the Personnel Committee for consideration.

Parking Lot / items for follow-up review

Tom and Jamie are working on review of cell phone tower contract. – Discussed, and to be removed from the parking lot for now.

Stephen and Elizabeth are working on the disruptive behavior policy. – They are working with the COM.

Finalize plans for minister search process / congregational training — This is to be done in February.

The next Board meeting is February 19th at 7:00 PM at the church.

Meeting Adjourned at 8:38 PM

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