Board Meeting Minutes 12/18/2019

Present: Stephen Day, Erica Lavine, Jamie Yucuis, Elizabeth Olson, Kevin Sweeney, Mary Knapp, Rev. Leland

Absent: Tom Lesiewicz

Called to order at 7:15

Consent Items/Reports — Accepted


Minutes of December 4th meeting 

Financial Reports: Financial, Earmark

Executive Team minutes

Ongoing Business 

Off-site retreat planning — We discussed the location, logistics, and facilitators for our Off-site retreat with the board, Committee on Ministry, and Rev. Leland.

Executive Team membership – We discussed the membership of the Executive Team.

Minister Contract Review — We reviewed Rev. Leland’s contract, specifically some details on medical benefits.  It will be on the  agenda for January for review.

Board Business

            Trustee of the Day Schedule – Filled out through Feb 16.

Self-monitoring – II. K. Asset Management (including Gift Acceptance Policy) — There are some changes to be made regarding the Board’s approval of earmarked funds.

Parking Lot / items for follow-up review 

Tom and Jamie are working on review of the cell phone tower contract. 

Staff compensation recommendations due in November.   

Stephen and Elizabeth are working on the disruptive behavior policy.  It will be discussed with the COM at the next meeting.

Finalize plans for minister search process / congregational training — This will be picked up in January. 

The next Board meeting is January 15th at 7:00 PM at the church. 

Meeting Adjourned at 9:27 PM. 

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