Board Meeting Minutes 12/4/2019

Present: Stephen Day, Erica Lavine, Tom Lesiewicz, Jamie Yucuis, Elizabeth Olson, Kevin Sweeney, Mary Knapp

Absent: none

Called to order at 7:18

Consent Items/Reports — Accepted


Minutes of November 20th meeting 

Financial Reports 

RE Team report

Mike Moutrie feedback

Ongoing Business 

Discuss communication regarding the minister contract renewal. 

New Business

Off-site retreat agenda discussion – we discussed the location, agenda, facilitator, date and time of the upcoming retreat with the Board, Committee on Ministry, and Rev. Leland.

Board Business

    Annual Work Plan – Reviewed

Trustee of the Day Schedule – Completed through January

Committee / Team review – The Board will review the charter for the Personnel Committee in January. 

Policy Review – Grants, Contracts, Gifts – II. G, H, I, J  – no changes made.

Parking Lot / items for follow-up review 

Tom and Jamie are working on review of cell phone tower contract. 

Staff compensation recommendations due in November.  

The next Board meeting is Wednesday December 18th at 7:00 PM at the church. 

Meeting Adjourned at 8:31 PM.

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