Board of Trustees Meeting Minutes

Present: Stephen Day, Jamie Yucuis, Andrea Schmidlin, Elizabeth Olson, Kevin Sweeney, Mary Knapp, Rev. Leland Bond-Upson
Absent: None
Guest: Diana March representing the Executive Team


Consent Items/Reports approved without discussion:

  • January 16, 2019 Board Meeting Minutes
  • Finance Committee (Budget Report)


Old Business

  • Endowment Fund Update – The Endowment Team may have by-laws changes to propose. They have been advised they will need to bring any proposed changes to the annual congregational meeting. It was requested that the Endowment Committee submit any proposed by-laws changes to the BoT for review by March
  • Personnel Committee Update – The committee submitted their final draft of the new Administrator Job Description to the Board for review. A motion was made that we approved the job description as submitted (with clerical errors corrected), and to elect Rev. Leland to the Executive Team. Seconded. Passed unanimously.
  • RE Team Update – Kevin Sweeney reported that he got feedback from RE families re: the future of our RE program. We discussed hiring paid teachers to conduct children’s and youth RE classes. We would provide a strong RE Team To support the paid teachers, with volunteers as assistants and backups. A motion was made to hire four paid teachers with early childhood or educational background (as independent contractors not employees), in lieu of a Director of Religious Education or RE Coordinator, to lead the RE classes starting in Fall, 2019. Passed unanimously. The intention is that these teachers would be working under the direction of the RE Team, which reports to the Executive Team. The Board acknowledges that the ET will need its assistance in this endeavor.

New Business

  • Executive Team Report: A question was asked about the ET hiring a painting contractor without getting multiple bids (as required by policy). We discussed the policy and asked the ET to recommend a revision to the policy to have a dollar threshold under which multiple bids are not required.
  • COM – new members will be needed at the end of this church year because current COM members will roll off. The COM presented the Board with a list of possible candidates, which we reviewed. We had no concerns about any of the potential candidates. Stephen will relay this information to the COM, who will follow up with potential new committee members.
  • Moving Forward Survey Results and Follow-Up: There were 48 member responses. The average was leaning towards “I’m ready to move on.” There were 19 people who said they might want another meeting and two who said they definitely wanted a follow up meeting to continue discussing what happened in the past. The vast majority of people would like to meet to discuss our future. Elizabeth offered to call the 21 people who indicated an interest in wanting to talk about the past. We agreed to schedule quarterly updates and more regular communication. The first such meeting will be in March. The main topic at the first meeting will be answering the questions that came up in the survey comments.
  • State of the Church – Sunday Feb. 24th is the opening of the Stewardship campaign. Stephen will talk about the State of the Church, which is very exciting and positive, including staffing, feedback from the workshop & membership survey, starting quarterly meetings in March, working on refreshing our mission, vision & covenant, and the financial picture.
  • Leadership Development Team: Stephen created a draft charter for Leadership Development. We discussed and agreed we like it as proposed. Kevin suggested that the immediate past President of the board would be the chair of the Leadership Team. Stephen will follow up with the Nominating Committee.
  • Honorarium for Anne Ward & Bob Sandidge: A motion was made that we provide $100 each to Anne Ward and Bob Sandidge as an honorarium for their leadership at our recent workshop. Seconded. Passed unanimously.
  • IT Team hiring question: The IT Team is investigating having the church start using Microsoft Office 365 (which can be used by a church online for free for staff and “strategic” volunteers). They have applied for this free version. Also, the IT Team will hire someone to do IT work on a part-time paid basis.


Meeting adjourned at 9:20 PM

Respectfully submitted,
Andrea Schmidlin
Board Secretary