Built from a reconstructed barn, the Unitarian Universalist Church of Elgin building is unique in the area. UUCE also houses the largest outdoor labyrinth in the Illinois area for members of the church and the community at large to utilize in their spiritual practices.

The UUCE building and grounds are available for rent by congregants and community members as a meeting place, wedding venue, and more. If you would like to learn more about renting the space, please contact us.

UUCE Building

The Unitarian Universalist has been active since 1866, and in that long history, it has been located in many different buildings. UUCE has been in this location since 1995.

The Sanctuary

Located on the second floor and accessible by elevator, this space hosts our weekly Sunday services, as well as weddings, community gatherings, and special services.

Fellowship Hall

Located on the first floor, this space hosts our Fellowship Hour after each Sunday Service.

It features a full-service kitchen, coffee-maker, sound system, and gathering area.

Our church’s Bulletin Board can be found here, as well as many of the locations to drop donations for our service projects.

UUCE Library

Housed in a comfortable room on the second floor next to our Sanctuary, our library is an ideal setting in which to browse, explore, and borrow from this rich collection.

The UUCE library contains over 1000 books on over 40 topics. These topics include spirituality, self-help, world religions, social justice, environmental justice, and many others!

UUCE Grounds

Through an ongoing effort to live our principles, UUCE is a certified Green Sanctuary. We make an effort to cultivate native plants and use environmentally friendly methods of pest control.

The Labyrinth

The Earth-Wisdom Labyrinth was donated by Neal and Mary Harris in 1997, all 165 stones carefully uprooted and then reformed on our property by members of the church.

To learn more about our Labyrinth and labyrinths as part of spiritual practice, read our Guide to a Labyrinth Walk.

Meditation Garden

Anyone can rest and enjoy a moment to connect with nature in our meditation garden.