Grace-ful: The Art of Being at Ease

M.E. Tanabe from Tree of Life UU Congregation of McHenry will join us to deliver her sermon “Grace-ful: The Art of Being at Ease” – As UU’s we mostly have a rather casual relationship with the idea of “grace” – if we think about it at all. Grace usually appears in our conversations as a … Continued

Everyday Grace

The Touchstones theme for January is Grace. Tom Durkin will begin this exploration by sharing the sermon “Everyday Grace” by Rev. Matt Alspaugh. In Rev. Aslpaugh’s words “Grace is one of those words whose meaning has been distorted by so many flavors of Christianity that it is hard to use the word without confusion…But this … Continued

Labyrinth Walk

Indoor and outdoor opportunities. For those who walk outdoors, please dress accordingly. Worship Assistant: Diana March