Coming Home to Yourself

Simplicity – it’s a monumental state of being that many of us strive for. Yet, it’s also a moving target, one that often changes definition with the environment or the beholder. Simplicity can nurture our minds, emotions, and spirit. Let us join together to explore how we can be hospitable to our own selves, just as we would a loved one, caring by cultivating simplicity.

Worship Assistant, Anne Clough

Finding Your Voice

Life presents us with challenges that are outside of our control. But even when we’re feeling overwhelmed, we can have a sense of agency as we strive to improve our situation. Through the lens of mental illness, we will explore together a journey away from confusion and pain, and healed by understanding and love.
Worship Assistant: Valerie Howells

Meet Them at the Door Laughing

What does it mean to be a good host? Or a good guest? Sometimes it feels easy to open our doors and our hearts; other times, it might be more of a challenge. How can we each practice being a “guest house” to all who may show up at our door — physically, or metaphorically? Together we’ll explore our October theme of “hospitality” by considering how to welcome both stranger and friend. Worship assistant: Tom Durkin