Is There Room for Me?

In the church auction, Carl Dietrich won a sermon topic: Is it possible to be both conservative and Unitarian Universalist? How do Unitarian Universalist values allow room for conservative viewpoints — or do they? Together we’ll explore what it means to be conservative as a Unitarian Universalist.

Worship Assistant: David Yaeger

What’s Going On?

We’re at the midpoint of a ministerial transition now. With two months before Rev. Leslie leaves her ministry with us, we’ll be pausing to take stock of what transformations have happened in the past two months, and what transformations are still possible on the road ahead.

Worship Assistant: Tom Durkin

Resurrecting the Holy Fool

In the Christian calendar, Easter Sunday is the high point of the liturgical year. As we explore the theme of transformation this month, what part does resurrection play? And how can April Fool’s Day also be seen as a reminder of something sacred?

Worship Assistant: Valerie Howells