Learning About Race: A “Teach-In” on Social Justice

When we come to church, one of our goals is to learn how to be the best human beings we can be. We do that through connecting, through contemplating – and also by learning. In collaboration with “Black Lives of Unitarian Universalism” (or BLUU), we are committed to stretching our current understanding of racial issues, not only in the United States, but also in our own congregation and in our own hearts.

Flower Communion

Join us for this joyful annual celebration! Remember to bring a flower to share (one per person). Your flower can be a fresh one cut from your garden or the side of the road, or you can bring a potted plant that someone could care for through the summer. We’ve seen both flowering plants and vegetable plants! We will gather all the flowers (or plants) at the front of the sanctuary, and then pass them out again so you return home with the beauty someone else brought.

David Yaeger, Worship Assistant

Embodied Theology

What does it mean to live in our bodies? What does our theology have to say about the way we treat our bodies – or expect to treat one another’s bodies? We will explore ways to be more tender towards one another in this complicated theological world.

State of the Church Address

Today’s the big day! We will be wrapping up the regular church year by reviewing all we’ve accomplished together so far, as well as recognizing members who have served in leadership. It’s also that time of year to recognize our children’s major transitions, including our Bridging high school seniors officially becoming Young Adults! From the worship service, we will segue into our congregation’s Annual Meeting to approve next year’s budget and share the Board’s exciting news about our church’s Values, Mission, and Ends!

Worship Assistant Krista Flanagan