Raise the Roof

Misha Sanders returns to the UUCE pulpit today. Misha Sanders is nearly finished with her Master of Divinity program at Meadville-Lombard Theological School, our Unitarian Universalist seminary in Chicago. A resident of Huntley, Misha recently has been granted Preliminary Fellowship as a Unitarian Universalist minister, ready to be ordained. Join us for a chance to hear this dynamic speaker and storyteller bring our attention to how we can become a more just society for those of our community living with disability — visible or invisible.

100% of today’s offering will go to Equip for Equality

Worship Assistant: Tom Durkin

Justice Vespers Service — 7:30 pm

Please join us for a simple intimate evening service to explore our monthly theme of justice through readings, silence, sharing and song. The service will be led by Tom Durkin and Steve Askins.

Free to forgive in a criminally unjust system?

Forgiveness, redemption, and atonement are concepts​ we wrestle with in our everyday lives. Things go wrong and we find ourselves asking for or giving forgiveness; allowing for redemption; and perhaps even welcoming an act of atonement. When someone is imprisoned this cycle is truncated by systems built to thwart any real reintegration. Separated from community there is little opportunity for reparation. Our ministry in prisons and jails is based on the radical notion that every person is worthy of respect and has the capability of completing this cycle of forgiveness. Come and learn how all of us are affected and how together we can offer hope and help. Forgiveness, redemption, and atonement are not ​ethereal ideas​;​ they live and transform with us.

Rev. Karen Mooney is a community minister working with the UU Prison Ministries of Illinois. This newly formed group is bringing the hope-filled message about belief in every person’s inherent worth and dignity to those incarcerated and returning to our communities. Karen is a life-long Unitarian Universalist who learned the art of church from her very involved parents. She has been educated far and wide working and playing, listening and walking with people. She loves that UU communities are places where you find people who are alive and seeking throughout their lives.

100% of today’s offering will go to the UU Prison Ministries of Illinois.

Worship Assistant: Krista Flanagan