Dragged Kicking and Screaming into Heaven

Historically, our congregation was founded as a Universalist church back in 1866. But what was the theological significance of starting out as “Universalist” instead of “Unitarian”? How might the idea of “universal salvation,” from which Universalism got its name, be significant in the tumultuous and divisive 21st century in which we find ourselves? (Bonus: Join our guest speaker at 9am for a discussion on “What’s In a Name?” as we explore how our social justice vocabulary has evolved since the Civil Rights Era.)

Worship assistant: Rev. Leslie Mills

The Promise and Practice of Our Faith

Unitarian Universalism resulted from the merger of two denominations back in 1961, but each faith had a long history, tradition, and established theology that stretched across centuries and continents. What compelled the Universalists and the Unitarians to join forces? What were the challenges of two faiths combining into one? How do we still struggle to live into the promise and practice of our faith?

Music Sunday

Come one, come all, as we celebrate various expressions of our faith through music! We will enjoy performances by the Unichords Handbell Choir, as well as our UUCE Choir, along with solo and group performances by members and friends. The offertory is our bi-annual fundraiser to support our beloved music program. Come enjoy one of the favorite services of the year!

Have a Little Faith

What does it mean to have “faith” — or to lack it? Is having faith the same thing as “believing” in something, or being religious? When we struggle with having faith, what’s really going on? We’ll explore the balance of faith, doubt, and certainty in a world that competes for our attention, our commitment, and our belief.

Many Voices, Many Hands: An Invitation to Faith