The volunteers of the Care Team, as an outgrowth of the ministry of our church, served each neighborhood of our beloved community by reaching out in loving connection to those members undergoing significant and/or vulnerable times in their lives. Each member of the UUCE community has been assigned to a geographic neighborhood, headed up by a Care Team captain who coordinates assistance asoutlined by the team’s Mission and Goals statement. Care Team volunteers sent cards; delivered small plants; visited and phoned those who were home-bound or hospitalized; provided coordination for the short-term delivery of meals when needed in a crisis; arranged for rides to important appointments; assisted 2 families with memorial receptions held at the church; and arranged for memorial donations upon the death of a child or spouse/partner of a church family member.

During this year, in consultation with Rev. Mills, the Care Team prepared updated policies for the provision of memorial receptions at our church. A new brochure will be prepared for such families to assist them by setting clear expectations and guidelines for holding a memorial reception. Chris Davis has graciously volunteered to serve as our Memorial Reception Coordinator.

Rev. Mills is currently discussing final plans for a new Pastoral Care team of Lay Listeners who will serve the deeper needs of our community alongside the work of the Care Team. The initial work on a grant proposal for upgrading our kitchen facilities to improve hospitality functions was initiated and handed off to other committees.


  • Rev. Leslie Mills
  • co-leaders Chris Davis and Leslie Yoshitani,
  • Mary Knapp
  • Betsy Thrasher
  • Kathy Hislip
  • Kay Kummerow

Henny Dubois and Martha Pignataro have recently retired from the team.

Respectfully submitted,

Leslie Yoshitani, Care Team Leader