• Paul Anderson, chair
  • Amy Hill
  • Lydia Larrabee
  • Elizabeth Closson
  • Dave Clough
  • Diana March.

Elizabeth Closson and Diana March will be leaving the committee at the end of this church year and Sharon Fincher and one other church member will be joining the committee next year to serve 3 year terms.


The Committee On Ministry is responsible for the health and well being of the entire congregation and all the ministries therein. We support and monitor all the ministries, including the professional staff, the upholding of the principles of the church, participation within the policies and procedures of the church and emotional healthy relationships within the church


We spent this year defining what the committee does, what the requirements are of prospective members and what is the term length. We also worked to prepare Reverend Leslie Mill’s Parish Ministry- Committee on Ministry Evaluation for the UUA Ministerial Fellowship Committee. In addition we were made aware that a church member had violated the Disruptive Behavior Policy, met with a UUA Good Officer and also with the UUCE Board of Trustees, reached out to the person in question and after much deliberation made the hard decision to exclude this member from the church for a period of six months or until right relations can be achieved


Submitted by Paul Anderson