Communications Media Guide

At UUCE we let our fellow members and friends know what is going on and coming up by:

  1. Finding out about News and Events and the richness of our church at our website — and posting your News and Events there– News Posts will be reviewed and published. Requests for Event Space will be reviewed, calendared, and published

  2. Reading the Unichord Weekly Newsletter which gives an easy click-to-read view of all web posted News and Events (Newsletters come to you by email– but you can visit the linked Newsletter page on our website to see past week’s Unichords.

  3. Reading our Weekly Minister’s Message is sent as an email and messages can be read on the website here:

  4. Visiting and “liking” the public Facebook page

  5. Following responding to, liking and forwarding tweets

  6. Visiting the private Facebook group— just for members and friends, visit and ask to join, convened by Jen Day.

  7. Email listserv, join the group and receive internal church messages from fellow members, send messages to the group.

    And of course

  8. Attending our Sunday Service, hearing the news, joining our community, reading announcements in our Order of Service for the day.

When you join as a member, you gain access to the private “Members'” tab of our website. You need to login with your email address as ID and with the password sent to you. Once you have logged in, you may change your password as you wish.

If you visit the website without logging in, you will see all the public information and you will see the Members’ tab at the right with just the “Member Login” page below it. To see all the other members-only pages, you must login. To post comments on others’ news or events or to create your own news or events, you must login.