Below are the results of the 2017 Earth Day Survey created by the Green Sanctuary Committee to access where the members of our congregation stand regarding the following issues pertaining to care of the Earth. These results will help guide and focus the efforts of the Committee. 39 Surveys were completed. Thank you!

  1. I think that taking action to address climate change is:
Important and Urgent Important, but not Urgent Not Important No Opinion
82% 13% 3% 2%


  1. Our church has installed solar panels for electricity generation and is installing LED bulbs to reduce electricity usage. Both steps reduce our consumption of fossil fuels and adverse impacts on the climate. What are your thoughts/feelings about our efforts?
Impressed and Proud Somewhat Pleased Indifferent Disapprove
87% 13% 0% 0%


  1. How important is it for our church to take further action to address climate change?
Very Important Moderately Important Slightly Important Not at all Important No Opinion
69% 26% 0% 3% 2%
  1. How much do you know about the costs and benefits of each of the following types of alternative energy?


A Lot Some Very Little Nothing
5% 66% 26% 3%


A Lot Some Very Little Nothing
0% 59% 36% 5%


A Lot Some Very Little Nothing
0% 48% 40% 12%