General Assembly Sunday Service live streaming — Sunday 6/28

As we mentioned during last week’s service, Sunday (June 28) we will be streaming the UUA’s Sunday Morning Service live from General Assembly. Due to the time difference, that means our service will begin at 9:00 am.

To join us, there are two options:

1) You can use our usual Zoom meeting link where we will be sharing the live stream. By joining through our Zoom meeting, the video/audio quality may not be as good, but you’ll have the ability to chat with others if there is something especially moving or profound during the service. If you choose to join us this way, we recommend logging in a few minutes early so you’re in your “seat” when the service begins.

2) You can also watch the GA Service directly on the UUA’s website. The video stream may be better for you this way, but you won’t be able to chat with the rest of us.

Whichever way you watch the service, please join us immediately afterwards in our Zoom meeting for a few minutes of fellowship.

See you (virtually) on Sunday!
Stephen Day (on behalf of the Worship Team)

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