Gordon James Honorarium Fund Collection

Those of us who have been at UUCE for a while know Gordon James contribution has cradled the worship we came to know – some of us for as long as 50 years.  A church, at its core is not a business.  It is ideally a Beloved Community with a business component necessary at the least for its survival and at its best for its flourishing.  Upon departure from regularly serving our congregation, Gordon did receive the loving sentiments of members who signed a hymnal in gratitude.  He received acknowledgement during a later service, followed by cake and fellowship.  These recognitions cover the Beloved Community aspect of our debt to him.  But 5 decades of service is also deserving of recognition of his impact on the business of the congregation – of how his talent and commitment contributed to the foundation of worship that brings us back again and again.
With this sentiment in mind, members present at the 2018 UUCE Annual Meeting voted to establish an earmark fund to collect donations for an honorarium to be paid to Gordon James in celebration of his exemplary talent and dedicated service.  If you are interested in making a donation towards this cause, please submit payment to UUCE no later than June 30, 2018.  Our treasurer requests that all checks be made out to UUCE with “Gordon” on the memo line to assist in accounting.  While all donations will go directly go Gordon, a congregant has guaranteed a gift of no less than $1500, regardless of the amount raised.
Thank you in advance for your generous contributions!