stained_glass_chaliceYou’ll discover that the more you get involved at the Unitarian Universalist Church of Elgin, the more you’ll get back in return. Participating in one of our adult spirituality programs or other groups at UUCE is an excellent way to become acquainted with other members and make new friends in our ever-growing community.

If you are a member of the church and are interested in organizing a new group or program, all you need to do is find two other people who would like to participate, and then submit a Program Proposal to our minister for approval. If you have an approved group or program and would like to schedule an event, please contact our church administrator to get space reserved for your event on our church calendar.

Adult Spirituality Classes

We offer a wide variety of lay-led classes for adults on Sunday mornings before the service.  Some of our offerings are open-ended and welcome drop-in participation on any Sunday; others require committed participation over multiple weeks.  Classes are sometimes ongoing, or range from 4-12 weeks, and have covered such topics as meditation practices, improvisational acting as a spiritual practice, mandala art, examining white privilege, and nonviolent communication.  If you are interested in offering a class, please contact our Director of Religious Exploration and Education.  Or if you’d like to participate, you can find current information in our Order of Service on Sundays, or our weekly emailed Unichord Updates.

Book Discussion Group

The Book Discussion Group meets on a Friday of each month to discuss a book selected by the group. The group is open to all members and friends of UUCE who enjoy a good book.  Contact Alice Macy for more information.

Covenant Groups

A covenant group is a small relational group made up of six to twelve people who meet regularly to establish and nurture themselves within this Beloved Community. Covenant groups provide an opportunity for group members to build strong relationships with each other and with the larger organization. They encourage people to talk, learn, work and play together over time.  Some covenant groups meet for a year and then agree to disband; others deepen their relationship over multiple years, or even decades.

Our Covenant Group program is currently on hold as we seek a new coordinator. Please talk to our minister if you are interested.

Teams and Committees

Are you interested in getting involved with the behind-the-scenes work of the church?  Perhaps you’d like to add your skills to one of our established Teams or Committees.  Click here for a list of our current Teams and Committees.

What’s the difference, you ask?  Good question!

Committee is formed as a permanent, standing group that meets monthly and keeps minutes.  Committees generally function under the auspices of the Board of Trustees, tending to the ongoing organizational needs of the church as stipulated in the Church Bylaws — such as Finances, Personnel, Endowment, and Nominations.  If this is where your interest lies, please contact a Board member.

Team is organized to do the hands-on, evolving work of the church.  They might meet monthly, or they might meet on an as-needed basis.  Minutes might be kept as helpful communication within the Team, rather than as a formal report to the Board.  Teams generally function under the auspices of the Executive Team, serving as the “helping hands” that get the nuts-and-bolts work of the church accomplished in a collaborative manner — such as Hospitality, Landscaping, Building Maintenance, Religious Exploration, Library, and Care Team.  If this is where your interest lies, please talk to our minister or staff team to get you in touch with the right people.

Buddhist Sangha Meditation Group

We are a self-directed group of UUCE members and friends exploring Buddhist practice and principles. Each week we meet in the UUCE sanctuary (Wednesday, 6:00—7:30 pm) to meditate together for 20 minutes of sitting meditation, followed by 20 minutes of walking meditation, and a final 20 minute period of sitting meditation. We also discuss a Buddhist related reading or topic of interest. According to extensive psychological and medical research, meditation practice serves to reduce stress, enhance mindfulness and concentration, and increase our capacity for empathy and compassion. Group readings and discussion deepen our understanding of Buddhist philosophy and practice. First time guests will be provided a brief orientation to meditation and the evening’s schedule. For more information please contact: Greg Waas ( or Diana March ( All are welcome!

“The Unichords” Bell Choir

The Unichords welcome new participants in September and January!  This musical ensemble performs a few songs three times a year: on Music Sunday (November and March) and at Christmas time.  Prerequisites: must be able to count to 4 (really, that’s it!). Admission by audition. Rehearsals: Sundays at 12:15 PM. Contact our Music Director for more information.

The Vocal Choir

The vocal choir welcomes new singers — no audition necessary!  Rehearsals are on Thursday evenings.  Contact our Music Director for more information. Darla Iaquinta is our choir director.