Minister’s Message for February 7, 2020

I Had an Instructive Accident Wednesday!

It had been snowing for perhaps a half-hour when Worship Team ended its Wednesday night meeting at Krista’s home in St. Charles. There were a couple of inches of fluffy snow on the windshields. It was starting to snow in earnest by the time we got our cars out of her neighborhood. I headed north to Hwy 25, and a few miles south of Stearns it REALLY began to snow. It came down so fast and heavy that it obscured the lanes of traffic and people were missing the place where there were traffic dividers, so that they were in effect driving as if one lane were two. But except for a few idiots, we were all driving very slowly and carefully and all errors were eventually corrected. By the time I reached Stearns, nobody could see where the lanes were supposed to be, even heavily-trafficked Stearns itself.

I was stopped on Hwy 25 northbound. There’s a long light at that intersection, which may be just inside the Elgin city limits. I looked to my left and saw a car that was too far to the right of the east-bound Stearns traffic. No surprise, he couldn’t tell where his lane was. So I watched his progress with increasing interest because his Ford sedan was now aimed right at me. This guy couldn’t steer, and couldn’t stop. So I thought, hmm, he’s not going very fast, but he’s going to hit me. So I tightened my seatbelt, but otherwise relaxed, and and sure enough, BANG, and it spun me 90-degrees to the right.

I found this scene all rather amusing, in an alert but helpless way. I am gazing intently at this car slipping and sliding straight toward me. It was like Fate bearing down on me in slow-motion. A second before impact, I turned my head away because of possible breaking glass. It was an odd, Stoic, que sera, sera moment. But no injuries at all. The other guy, named Lee, behaved correctly, as I did, exchanged information and drove home. He struck my car low on the hinged end the driver’s side door, hard enough to cave in the frame of the door so that it doesn’t close at the top now, and I have to run the heater on high all the time. It could have driven the door into the wheel and prevented me from moving. Lucky. The oddest thing though, was that while I was awaiting impact, I thought, well, I guess this means I’m getting my replacement car a little sooner than I had reckoned. That cheered me up, then the BANG came. Whee! It’s all good.

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