• Mike Moutrie (Chair)
  • Doug Pratt
  • Kevin Webster
  • Todd Underwood
  • Sharon FIncher


The IT Team met one time during the church year and discussed the following topics Items

  1. UUCE email accounts functionality and management
  2. Cloud Storage for staff and the Board of Trustees


  • Email
    • Our email service is in general providing the level of service needed, thanks to Kevin Webster’s diligent efforts to resolve issues encountered in 2015 when we transitioned to the new hosting service from Go Daddy. As of 5/4/17, Todd will take over email administration duties from Kevin.
  • Cloud Storage
    • Three options were compared; OneDrive (Microsoft), Google Drive, and My Cloud (Western Digital) The decision was to use Google Drive with the transition plan as described below.
  • IT Team Chair
    • Doug Pratt has taken over duties as the team chair as of 5/4/2017
  Item   Recommendation
  Cloud Storage Short Term:Use Google Drive free accounts created with UUCE role-based email addresses (
Long Term:Google Drive account for non-profit organizations is free, but requires UUCE to be incorporated.
  email Distribute email management activities between Todd and Sheena now that we are fully transitioned over to Go Daddy
  Member Assignments:
  Role Details Member
  IT Team Chair  Gather concerns / requests, call & run meetings, publish meeting minutes to BoT Doug
Cloud Storage Transfer data,
Manage folder structure, administrate user access
email Administrate email addresses, address issues when they arise, support Sheena in administrating the Bulletin Board list Todd
PC Hardware / Software Address hardware and software needs as needed Mike
Mac Hardware / Software Address hardware and software needs as needed
Power Church Manage account access Mike
Internet Address issues with internet access, WiFi performance, and network access (password) Mike
Solar Modem Investigate and resolve issue with network connectivity Doug
Video Projectors Write proposal for upgrading projector in sanctuary
Run electricity to projector in Fellowship Hall
Provide on-going maintenance of and staff help with projectors


Submitted by Mike Moutrie