It is important to our family to give to the UUCE community, because that is what we have found here – a community.  This is where we can find the people that align with our core beliefs of personal respect, caring for your neighbors, social justice, and the exploration of life’s challenges and mysteries that is unique to each of us.

This is not something you can get just anywhere:

Where else can you:

-find a place that inspires and challenges

-a place where you can spend a Saturday afternoon painting chalices

-a place where being open and accepting is the standard

-a place where Easter service is a retelling of the Velveteen Rabbit

-a place where our kids can explore a variety of beliefs

-a place where people will spend money at an auction to have a conversation with my husband

-a place where people give their time and talent to create community

It is for these reasons that we give to UUCE, but even more it is for the people here today and the other members of this community