Vision and Purpose

The UUCE Landscape Team strives to be good stewards of the land by maintaining and enhancing a landscape based on native plants that is ecologically sound, attractive, educational, inspirational, and provides functional space for ceremonial and recreational church activities.


  • Donna Askins
  • Mary Gaston
  • Kimberley Haag,
  • Joe Masonick
  • Mary Alice Masonick
  • Andrew Russel
  • Tom Scott
  • Susan Swing
  • Kim Truog
  • Norm Wilkinson

Prairie Care Parties

2017 Prairie Care parties (most are after Sunday services and refreshments are provided): 4/9, 4/23, 5/13 (Saturday at 1:00), 6/11, 6/25, 7/9, 7/23, 8/13, 8/27, 9/10, 9/24.


Budget request for FY 2017-18 submitted in January: $3050.00. $2550.00 for paid landscapers (at $425/visit), $100 for plants and/or seeds, $200 for tree removal, $200 for herbicide for treating stumps and/or weeds. Joe suggested a separation of line items in the budget: Mowing, Landscape, and Labyrinth. Mowing and Labyrinth are separate budget items.

  • Earmarked funds: Labyrinth had a balance of $955.00. Landscape Fund has $0.00.
  • Paid landscapers: Six visits from May to October to carry out heavy work of edging, trimming, mulching, etc.
  • The crew will be paid $425 for each of six visits. A crew of 2-3 comes once a month to trim, weed, and edge.
  • East & West Prairies: On December 3, eight volunteers with borrowed equipment burned the east prairie. Any invasive tree resprouts will be cut and herbicided before the prairie grows too tall.
  • Wet Prairie: Many invasive grasses in addition to prairie plants. We hope to herbicide the invasive plants.
  • Prairie Perimeter around raised vegetable garden beds: west edge of garden area has been rototilled for expanding vegetable growing area.
  • Raised bed garden: In 2016, we grew tomatoes, squash and peppers and shared a huge crop with the congregation. Louis Salas is leading the garden effort in 2017.
  • Kids’ _Playscape: We began discussing developing a children’s playscape on the property.
  • Wooded Border: Management involves weeding garlic mustard, cutting multiflora rose and other invasives, and not smothering the native plants with landscape waste. We spread native seed and may plant more native species there.
  • Labyrinth: Herbiciding services are provided by GreenT and 4-5 treatments are budgeted. Concrete benches were moved to the labyrinth from the Meditation Garden; more benches are proposed using Capital Improvement funds.
  • Meditation Garden: Issues: Two Leopold benches were installed. Other wooden benches moved from Labyrinth.
  • Trees felled: A conifer and a Siberian Elm were cut down last year due to their impacts on native species.
  • Trees planted: Three Bur Oak saplings were planted along the border with the farm field last year.
  • Tree circles throughout the lawn: These are maintained by edging, weeding and spreading of wood chips.

Report prepared by Mary Gaston and Mary Alice Masonick, May 17, 2017