• Greg Waas
  • Diana March


The UUCE library houses over 1000 volumes related to a wide spectrum of interests represented within the UUCE community including meditation and prayer, spirituality, world religions, UU history and philosophy, LGBTQ, ecology and environment, social justice, women’s spirituality, and relationships. The library is often visited by potential new members of the church, and therefore it serves an important recruitment function. It also is a significant intellectual and spiritual resource for established UUCE members, reflecting our rich tradition of spiritual exploration.

During the past year, the library applied for and received a grant of  $1269.80 from the Special/Capital Improvement Taskforce. This grant was for the purpose of replacing four bookcases ($769.80) and purchasing new books ($500). To date, the replacement of bookcases has been completed and 14 new volumes have been purchased with Taskforce funds. Additionally, 48 books have been either donated or purchased through funds generated by the library “bookcart.” Regularly budgeted funds were used for equipment (e.g., step-stool), supplies (e.g., bookstands), and new books. Co-librarians Diana March and Greg Waas have sought to expand library holdings in areas underrepresented (e.g., humanist thought, social justice) and build on current areas of library strength (e.g., spirituality, UUCE philosophy). In the coming months, Diana and Greg will consult with church stakeholders (e.g., minister, Board of Trustees, congregation via survey) to identify future areas of expansion and suggestions for specific volumes to be purchased.

Respectfully submitted by Greg Waas