Established in 2001, the UUCE library contains over 1000 volumes divided among 40 topics including:

●Meditation & Prayer ●Spirituality ●Humanism ●World Religions ●Self Help ●UU History & Philosophy ●LGBT ●Ecology & Environment ●Social Justice ●Women’s Spirituality ●Relationships

Library1_webHoused in a comfortable room next to the Sanctuary, our library is an ideal setting in which to browse, explore, and borrow from this rich collection.

Library3_webA book cart for adult and young adult readers and a book basket for younger children are located in our Fellowship Hall. Donations for these items support our church library.


Library Highlights:

✤ Over 60 books related to meditation and prayer, exploring this spiritual practice from diverse traditions such as Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, Humanism, Judaism, Paganism, and nonsectarian sources

✤ an extensive selection of books that explore the long and rich tradition of religious, ethical, and philosophical thought associated with Unitarian Universalism

✤ a large selection of books related to parenting and other family issues; and another selection of over 50 books pertaining to women’s issues and women’s spirituality

✤ sample volumes from our active UUCE Reading Group — primarily fiction in our otherwise nonfiction collection

If you have questions, suggestions, or concerns please contact our librarian at: