Minister’s Message for August 7, 2020

At a meeting of the Committee on Ministry (COM) a while back, we decided to have me and perhaps certain other congregants make calls to members and friends, just to check in and see how everybody was doing. When I was still in Hawaii, I made, with Chris’ and Elizabeth’s help, a list the congregants who were–like me–living alone, and therefore might be more likely to welcome a call.  That list had 31 names on it originally, and we add a new one from time to time.  I have spoken with, or asked to speak with, 22 of those people.  Our congregation seems to like it, or at least the idea of it.

So we wanted to let you know that this is a thing you can have, if you want it, and it is not limited to singles.  The conversation was originally intended to deal with being stuck in lonely quarantine, and making and accepting the adjustments we were all making.  Now it can be about anything you want to talk about, and which we hope could possibly be as frequently as once a week.

In order to get enough callers, we need to know how many of you, single, or part of a family or household, would like to receive a call, be it one-time only, or once a month, or more frequently, or less frequently than that.  We will discuss what the best caller-callee match may be.

Until we have an idea of the size of the interest, I will collect your responses, and set up a calling system. Please send a note to if you want a call, or want to make calls to those who desire calls.  We have no idea how welcome this form of pastoral care will be, but we are still charting a course across the physical and spiritual distances of this weird time.

If you show interest, I or someone will contact you to determine what is needed and what can by done, individually.  It’s even possible you can be matched with someone you already feel close to.  We can’t guarantee that, of course, but some of the volunteers will surely be known to you, so please ask about that.

Let’s do more than virtual Services this new church year, something along the lines envisioned by the belovéd community movement, and thus find connection, and health, and greater happiness.  Please call if you are interested.  There is no obligation.


— Rev. Leland Bond-Upson  (Voice and text #:  415-297-8206)

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