Minister’s Message for Dec. 13th

Dearly Beloveds,

Have you been noticing some changes in our communications?
Our prairie barn is overflowing with goodness and concern for all. We welcome growth and wish to share our mission with our larger community.  So, we are embarking on a coordinated effort to use media and technology to share our lives and our mission with each other and the larger community.

Now our newly engineered and growing website collects our events, news, images, information and media, once written, is then published through our website, our Unichord weekly newsletter, and our Sunday Order of Service and shared through our public Facebook and Twitter accounts and our private Facebook Bulletin Board.

Coherent, consistent, efficient, inspiring and powerful–these are our aims. Your UUCE website membership account will give you access to members-only information like the member directory, BOT (Board of Trustees) minutes, policies, forms, etc.

Unfortunately, earlier in the past week, our website systems got overanxious and sent you two (TWO!) premature emails! Sorry!  Please ignore them both and follow the following steps to create your account.

Now we are at the real moment of launch for this important communications initiative!

To re-earn your trust, I am announcing a prize for the most eager and engaged of us. The first 20 people to set up their website accounts will each win a 100% cashmere scarf. Just login with your email account and the password UUCE1866 to bundle up in matching scarves this winter!

Please login  to the website as soon as you can. We have assigned the same password to every member account to start. Please login with the email we use to contact you and this one password: UUCE1866.

Here is the Member account login guide

To login as a Member:

1) Go to the login page
or use member login on the footer,
or use member login on the member tab on the navigation bar.

2) Enter your email address as your “user name”  (The same one we sent this message to.)

4) Type in this password  UUCE1866 and it will take you to our home page.

You may keep this easy password or go to your “profile” and change it.

5)  In the upper right corner, you will see “Howdy!” and your name.  To edit your profile, including changing your password (aka ‘p/w’) proceed to

  • Mouse over your name and your profile box appears
  • Click to “edit your profile”
    • set your first name, last name;
    • set your “display name” what you want to see when you login;
    • create and upload a photo image if you like;
    • enter social media or website addresses, if any, if you like;
    • to change your password:
      • click “generate new password” — you can use that auto generated password;
      • Delete the autogenerated password and just type any password you like;
  • Go to the very bottom-left of the page, and click ‘Update Profile;’
  • Click to log out if/when you want to be logged out of the account. (Most folks stay logged in.)

When you are ready for the next step we have “QuickGuides” to show you how to Post Community Connections, share photos, set up Events and more.  The sequence is the Home Page’s Members dropdown on the far right of the Nav. Bar:  Members Media Guides:  then Quick Guides to Communications Media.

If you need help, please call me. We will soon have a small group of techies to help with your tech problems.

— Rev. Leland