Minister’s Message for January 10th

One of the exercises that congregations do to prepare for a ministerial Search, is for each congregant to ask themself ‘What is the one thing about this (pick one:) church/society/fellowship/congregation, that I most want to keep. What is of most value to me, and of most value to the larger world,” AND also, ask and answer “What is the one thing about this church I most want to see changed.

Our Committee on Ministry is joining our Board for a good part of a Retreat tomorrow Saturday January 11 to discuss questions like these, and, with the help of two facilitators from our UUA Mid-America Region’s stable of consultants, Dan and Sharon Wiseman, we will look at the philosophy and mechanics of change-for-the-better, including UUCE’s systems and organization, what COM does, what the minister thinks should happen in the next 2-1/2 years of his ministry here, how leadership works, and discuss change and strategic direction-setting process.

This may seem a bit on the dry side, but it’s so important to know how to lead and where to lead and make the best decisions, that a gathering like this has urgency and a kind of excitement about how to help the congregation move itself toward health and wholeness. It’s like governance of all kinds–the process can be like making sausage, but the goals make it worth it. Onward!

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