Minister’s Message for July 24, 2020

As many of you know, I have returned from several months of sheltering in place at home, in Hawaii.  In this new electronic age, one can indeed work from home anywhere in the world so long as the work is intellectual, or management, or creative, and does not require person-to-person contact. All it takes is an internet connection–and vigilant attention to the time zone difference.

I want you to know that I continued to serve the congregation the same way I do when I’m here.  I participated as worship leader in a majority of the virtual Services, and attended all the other Services.  Perfect attendance!  I also attended all my Committee and Team meetings, and had many conferences by phone or Zoom or the Microsoft Teams teleconferencing with staff, and congregants, and others in our community.

If you haven’t heard, our Administrator Sheena John is resigning from that position, partly for health reasons.  She has served as Administrator since 2014 and will remain with us as a Member of the congregation.  Thank you Sheena!

Former Administrator Mila Brinker has volunteered to serve as an interim Administrator, and a more splendid replacement is hard to imagine.

Remember that rust-bucket Corolla I was driving for a while, and was hit by another car in that February snowstorm?  I have leased a new Corolla.  Cherry red, like the Dodge Charger I rented for a month when i first arrived. The old Corolla was donated to Kars for Kids.

The Worship Team met this week, and we charted about 90% of the 2020-21 Services.  It felt to me like the prelude to our coming church year.  The meeting had a lot of energy and good cheer. Last year, we examined all 7 of our Principles.  This year, the ‘series’ is “Roots of Our Faith.”  These roots are, (alphabetically):  Atheism/Agnosticism, Buddhism, Christianity, Humanism, Judaism, Liberalism, Polytheism/Earth-Centered/Pagan, Unitarianism, and Universalism.  I will fit in a few eclectic Services and, I hope, one on John Lennon’s post-Beatles life.  In addition, we have a possible total of 17 holiday/ritual/special Services. If you want to nominate a topic, please let me know, and I will discuss it with Worship Team at its next meeting, which is soon:  August 5th.

Please let’s continue to keep our distance, wash our hands, and wear masks.  We really and truly need to flatten that awful curve.

— Rev. Leland

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