Minister’s Message for July 31st

Deborah and I miss having younger children in our lives, so we are looking at becoming foster parents in Hawaii.  (I hasten to add that until I retire, Deborah would do 90% of the parenting.)  But though I’m living here, I must be vetted by the State agency, same as she.  If any of you have experience with foster-parenting, I will be grateful if I may speak with you about it.


Please tell me what you think of these possible Services on ‘Uncomfortable Topics:’  Addiction, Black Lives, Domestic Violence, Politics & Religion, Polyamory, Pornography, Social Class, Transgenderism, and Unfortunate Illiberal Trends in UUism, to name a few.  Please propose others.  Another one is Pro-Life vs Pro-Choice, a Service I have done before, and I step back and the women do all the story-telling, and testifying.


I regret that my Message two weeks ago was too political and too one-sided for some.  I don’t want to offend anyone, nor do I want to stifle other opinions.  But I am duty-bound to honor and exercise the prerogatives of the ‘prophetic pulpit.’ This is an old problem.  Unitarian and Universalist churches lost members over the abolition of slavery 170 years ago,  UU Churches lost members during the Civil Rights Era, and again during the Vietnam War.  We religious liberals tend to speak up, and there is frequently a price to pay.  I am deeply sorrowful that we may have lost valued members over this, but we can’t remain silent while our democratic norms are being shredded, and the Administration’s actions violate each and every one of our Seven Principles.  Qui tacet consentit.  I am grateful for UUCE leadership’s statement of support for ‘the free pulpit,’ a hallowed feature of liberal religion for hundreds of year.


Good news for fans of well-written police procedurals, mystery, romance, and reliably excellent acting:  a new, 7th season of Endeavour debuts on PBS Masterpiece Sunday August 9th, at 8 or 9. Season 7 apparently has only three episodes, but they form an interconnected mini-series.  Here’s the preview:


Bad news on Covid-19:  the facts as of this morning:

USA share of world population: 4.25%  (331M ÷ 7.7B)

USA share of all Covid-19 cases:  26.2%  (4.543M ÷ 17.352M)

USA share of all deaths: 22.8%  (154K ÷ 675K)

Percent of deaths to cases:  USA 3.4%  (154K ÷ 4,543K), the world 3.9% (675K ÷ 17,352K).  So we are above-average in saving the lives of the infected.


— Rev. Leland

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