Minister’s Message for June 26, 2020

Dear members and friends of UUCE,

Running simultaneously with the tumultuous electoral and pandemic news, we are witnessing the remarkably persistent determination by all people of good will to end the evil of racism.

This is wonderful good news, and a wonderful opportunity to root out—at last! at last!—our curséd inheritances from the enslavement of black Africans, and the racism that targeted dark-skinned people and not other white people, as existed in ancient Greece and Rome.

The last several weeks have seen long-standing monuments to the military and political defenders of slavery being taken down, and remarkably, without much opposition!  We are in an unprecedented sea-change in favor of the abandonment of race hatred, and a systemic examination and destruction of systemic racism.

Are we really, finally, going to do this? I sense our UUCE religious community wants to be a part of this moment, to do our part, to make the dream come true, after 400 years.

The elections this November are very important, but eliminating the fear and loathing and hatred of people who are a little different from ourselves is more basic, and more important than any single election season.

What can we do as a congregation to seize the time and help bring into being a world made fair, and all her people one?

Please let me know, or respond below on whether you are interested in joining these or other actions.

1) Join a 21 Day Challenge — each of us watching or reading insights to aid in the dismantling of racism (Eddie Moore has developed several, one adapted by the American Bar Association includes longer readings or the Holderness School version is quite doable with videos.) I would like to meet once a week with a group to embark on this practice.

2) Join BLUU — our UU BLM movement.

3) Begin an A.D.O.R.E. (A Dialog on Race and Ethnicity) group here. We could meet online now and in person when that becomes possible.

4) Vote to Adopt the 8th Principle. The most recent word smithing of the principle: “Build Beloved Community by actions that accountably dismantle racism.”

What are your thoughts?

In faith,

Rev. Leland

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