Minister’s Message for March 13, 2020

Love in the Time of Cholera is replaced by ‘Social Distancing’ in the Time of Coronavirus. A tsunami of cancellations and closures of public events swept the country and the world Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. Everything that draws a crowd is canceled. We are asked to avoid congregating in any way, which is a painful thing for a congregation to have to do. It’s a sad irony that now, when we would most like to hold each other close, we shouldn’t. But it is just the physical distance that is needed. Let us compensate by becoming closer spiritually, and work for connection, compassion, and justice.

It seems we are, most all of us. taking the advice of public health professionals and doing all we can to keep the wave of contagion from cresting over the capability of our health system. All of us are learning how to socialize with each other virtually, remotely, and for we know not how long. Although the Service this Sunday has been canceled, UUCE leadership is looking at ways to bring aspects of Church to you. Stay tuned to public health agencies, and to UUCE electronic communications. UU Churches and churches everywhere are experimenting with finding creative ways to deal with the new realities, and create alternatives that overcome ‘social distance.’

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