Minister’s Message for March 20, 2020

As an early member of the Baby Boomers, I had lots of opportunities to hear my elders speak of the Great Depression and WWII.  Many of their stories spoke to the fear and hardship of those years, but also of a special camaraderie of sharing the experience and pulling together.  Now, in our time of fear and hardship, there has been an explosion of initiatives launched to do something helpful, and communications have become richer and more plentiful.

Just as the Great Depression led to enactment of long-overdue social programs including what we in America call Social Security, this Covid19 crisis could be the impetus for understanding the need for every person to have access to health care.  We remember the AIDS “plague” from its first diagnosis in 1981 to the beginning of a decline of new cases in 1996.  The disease killed millions, but it changed public attitude towards LGB people.  (Transgender people are still waiting for their fair share of acceptance)

With each crisis, come opportunities:
We can mobilize to use the insights from this crisis to generate more energy behind social justice efforts.
We can learn and gain ease in communicating online. 
The horrors and heroics in other parts of the world, like Italy and China, give us examples of how to be and grow.

Here at UUCE, we long to see each other in person, but we must wait for the wave to pass.  Let us do everything we can to take care of ourselves and everyone.

This Sunday, 3/22,  I will offer a simple online Sunday gatherings at 10:30am and at 7pm Sunday. I’ll use Zoom, and wife Deborah will help me enormously, as usual.

We will open with a chalice lighting, invite joys and concerns, have a short homily, invite sharing and discussion, and then will extinguish the chalice.
This is just a start.  Our Worship Team and I will take input from all to craft services that are meaningful and uplifting to us.
Music, readings, stories, may be added as we learn our way together.

Let us connect as never before. I hope to “see” you Sunday at 10:30am or at 7pm. 

Love, Rev. Leland

P.S. About our first experimental gatherings:

Please email me: to let me know you will join.

If at least 5 people let us know they will join each gathering, we will gather online via Zoom.

To join, all you need to do is to click on the Zoom link from your smart phone or your lap top.
Gather Sunday at 10:30am CDT, click this link:  (The Meeting ID is 380 040 481)
Gather Sunday at 7:00pm CDT, click this link:  (The Meeting ID is 743 804 322)

When prompted, click “open Zoom.US app”Using a lap top will give you a wider screen to see others and more ease with options- but a smart phone is also fine.
All you need to do is to connect. 
You will then see the shared video or just listen to the audio—as you wish.

Once “there” —
You can click the movie camera icon to “share” your camera— show yourself to the group. 
Or you can just let your name stand for you as you watch.
You will be “muted” but, if you click “chat” you can let us know you want to speak and we will “unmute” you.
Or you can click the “raise hand” icon to let us know you want to speak.

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