Minister’s Message for March 27, 2020

In this time of isolation and upheaval, let us take the opportunity to rise in spirit and action, and take care of each other, be they near and far, known or unknown. We liberals are known for our compassion for everyone. Let us make the most of our opportunity to be radically kind. 

Let us all look in on each other in whatever form works. I have begun calling to check in with congregants who are living alone. Care Chair Chris Davis has made a list, and I will get to everybody in next week or so. Then I’ll start calling others so that we have a chance to talk about what it’s like to change our way of living.

We are sorry to share that Jen Day’s mother, Jim Wormington’s father, and Susan Anderson’s father have died recently. Our hearts go out to you, it is often more painful to lose a parent than we have expected. May they live in your families’ memories.

So far as I know, we don’t have anyone with the virus. But we might, in the next month, have some, and we will need to share that. If you know of a death or serious illness, please email me, Sheena, and for the Care team. This will enable us to care for the bereaved as soon as possible and alert the congregation appropriately.

With that notice, we can be 99% certain that a loving response is made by UUCE. We do not formally publish anything about the decedent without the family’s approval. Let us hope and pray we have no deaths in our church family for a long, long time. But let us be prepared to support the living and acknowledge losses as they come.

Please join us for Virtual Church at our regular meeting time of 10:30 or at 7pm — whichever is best for you, in case that works better for some people. We will be adding music and a reading this time.

Hope to ‘see’ you in church Sunday. — Rev. Leland

Virtual Church Services How to Do It!
All Sunday UUCE church services, whether 10:30am or 7pm, whether this week or another share the same access link.

Just go to this URL:

Here is how to Zoom: (close other applications or files first)
1- You can just both sit in front of a lap top, click this link,
2- A window will appear giving you the option to“open” — click that.
2- Then look on the bottom of your zoom screen for a little icon of a video camera— click that and you should be on screen.
3- Make sure the mic is not muted. (A little icon of a mic near the video icon will have a red diagonal through it if it is muted) If it is muted, just click it and it will unmute.

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