Minister’s Message for March 6, 2020

We want the website to show our fun selves and our fun activities. And our building and grounds. Visitors love photographs and other graphic art, and it is good for our in-house graphic artists to have lots of image-options conveniently nearby. Please help with the effort by sending or bringing all your favorite photos and graphic art to church. If possible, please email them to me. If you don’t have an electronic version of the image, we can scan prints, and return them to you. Our Media Library currently has these folders: Members, RE/kids, Staff, and Building & Grounds. I’m thinking of Splitting the Member photos into two, one of individuals and families, and another of activities and excursions, like bicycling, poker night, pool tournament, Wii Bowling, wine tours, and so on. If it’s a good image, we want it!

I will be in my office after Service this Sunday March 8 at noon to help with the website, and to give away more cashmere scarves. Most of us don’t think winter is going to just fade to spring without a relapse.

Also, if the corona virus ‘covid 19’ outbreak permits, I will fly to Hawaii Monday to have a week with wife Deborah. I can attend any important meetings by phone, or Zoom or a similar video conference medium. My return is Tuesday March 17, which is Illinois Primary Election day, and St. Patrick’s. I have it on good authority that it is a best practice to vote first, then party, if you are a partier. Regardless, what matters most is that everyone vote!

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