Minister’s Message for Nov. 15, 2019

November 15th, 2019

Minister’s Message: Big News! A More Connected UUCE!

Decades ago Marshall McLuhan said “the medium is the message”.

Today marks the first phase of our communication and information transformation. Our message promotes the value of connection, integrity, and transcendence. Now we will do this through our communications media as well. This UUCE congregation has an uncommonly wonderful, kind and generous spirit. Given the urgent needs of the moment, and the opportunity to use media to engage us all in a yet more participatory community, we will become even more effective in spreading our mission.

My message here may sound technical, but please bear with me, our progress today is tremendously spiritual and important to our growth. We are making great progress in the use of current media tools for our engagement, to expand the reach of our mission, find more like minds and hearts, and effectively manage our information. Things will look different, we hope you enjoy it. Try it out and  let’s share what we think, like and want changed.

You are reading this “Minister’s Message” in the Unichord or on our website, so you can probably see some of the changes. We have created news and events on our website for all of the items that go into our weekly Unichord, and the newsletter now links each item title to a dedicated webpage.

Integrating our publishing of newsletter, website, and social media is going to give all access to current relevant information with links to more information. This is ultimately going to save Sheena a lot of time—which is great because she has lots to do that supports us all!

Going forward, any of you who are interested and willing can post your items directly to our website and it will automatically go out in the Unichord newsletter as well. QuickGuides (one page directions) for posting News and Events are accessible from Unichord and the website. We will also provide video and in-person support.

We will be setting up member accounts to the website so that you each will be able to login and get access to members-only information. In the next couple of weeks we are setting up this archive of member information and will distribute your account id and password. (which you may change as you wish) You will need to login to post comments on anyone else’s post, or to make a new post or event. When you make a post, it will be submitted, and Sheena, Todd, or I will review it and publish it. Only Sheena will publish events so that we are sure there are no room conflicts.

Other member-only information in the Member Area will be Board Minutes, Reports to the Board, By-laws, Mission Statement, Covenants, and our Member Directory.

Jump in, click around, and let us what you think!

— Rev. Leland with a lot of help from my wife, Rev. Deborah