Music is an integral part of worship here at UUCE. We believe that music brings people together, and we strive to foster a sense of community through our music ensembles and programming.

Music Director Chelsea Musson oversees the music program at UUCE. Each week she works with the worship leader to choose music that will enrich the service, involving our weekly musicians, the vocal choir, and the handbell choir. Check out the music schedule to see upcoming Sundays where our ensembles will be performing.

Twice a year, Chelsea leads a service titled Music Sunday: a worship service dedicated to the music that moves our congregation. We invite all members and friends to participate so we can celebrate the ways music touches our lives together.

Chelsea Musson & Caleb Willitz

Weekly Musicians

UUCE’s core musician team for most worship services consists of Chelsea Musson on vocals and Caleb Willitz on piano.

We often enjoy the participation of volunteer instrumentalists and singers from the congregation, and on occasion, professional musicians from outside the congregation participate in our worship services.

Prairie Voices

Always learning and growing, UUCE’s choir has existed in some form for over 10 years.

Prairie Voices is dedicated to preparing engaging music for one service each month.

Weekly rehearsals are held in the sanctuary on Thursday evenings, 7:30pm until 9:00pm. If you’re interested in joining, contact Chelsea Musson.

Prairie Voices Choir


Unichords Performance

The Unichords

Under the direction of Chelsea Musson, the Unichords work together to create beautiful music for the church on a semi-regular basis.

Weekly rehearsals are held on Sundays after the service, 12:15pm until 1:30pm. The Unichords welcome new members in September and January. If you’re interested in joining, contact Chelsea Musson.

The Unichords would not exist without the tireless efforts of our late director Margo Cusimano, and the generosity of Joe Cusimano.