New Team Promoting Small Groups!

While you weren’t looking, the number of teams/committees in UUCE grew by one.

The Executive Team recently approved the charter for the Small Group Facilitation Team. A lot of words but, essentially Dan and I have volunteered to help form new groups and affiliations; to assist existing small groups and to ensure newcomers are aware of all the opportunities to engage in fellowship within our community. That is what we will do. What we won’t do is interfere with groups involved in social justice and in music.

We want to make it easy to form UUCE sponsored small groups and the procedure is really simple. You simply need 3 (or more) members who would like to create a group for any activity that is within the 7 Principles of the UUA and is available to other members. What we will hopefully add is the ability to advertise the group; recruit new members and as well as acting as a resource and support for the group’s ongoing efforts.

Before you say it, yes, we already have some small groups. They include

  • a daytime Book Group;
  • a Monday night Covenant Group;
  • a Thursday night Covenant Group;
  • a weekly Bicycle Group;
  • a Christian Study Group;
  • a Buddhist Sangha Group and
  • the Circle Supper Fellowship.

In a Church of our size, this is certainly a good start!

During the recent activity fair, we sponsored a table where we discovered that there are a number of you who would like to see even more opportunities for small group fun and fellowship. Those ideas include a monthly social night; a family movie night; an evening book group; a men’s book group; a mom’s group; a trivia group; a women’s spirituality group; a writing group; a photography group; a nature group; a history group and ethnic eating group. In addition, some of you would like new covenant groups initiated. Now, we don’t know what tickles your fancy nor do we know how many of these ideas will become a reality. What we do know is that we are willing to assist any group of 3 of you in making one of them (or ones you want not on the list) happen for you.

So, how about it, do you want to start a new group? Do any of those suggestions appeal to you? Just let Dan or me know what you would like to do and we’ll get started. I’m looking forward to getting this going.

— Kathy Hislip