November “Share the Plate”

The YWCA of Elgin has been providing services that are dedicated to embracing diversity, empowering women and families and supporting our community’s youth with a strong educational foundation for the last 118 years!

UUCE will partner with the “YW” again this year by decorating a “Giving Tree” with tags for 30 children who will receive Christmas gifts from our generous members and friends. In addition, half of all un-pledged donations received in the collection during November will be donated to the “YW” to support their youth programming.

Make all checks out to UUCE and indicate on the memo line whether the check should go to “Share the Plate” or towards your pledge.

Pledge contributions are not donated.

You can also put cash in an envelope with your name on it, marked for “pledge” or “share the plate.”

Thank you for your generosity.