Our highest values at UUCE

  • Connection
  • Integrity
  • Transcendence

At UUCE we covenant to:

  • Nurture the spirit
  • Grow in relationship
  • Serve with love and compassion

To nurture the spirit, the people of UUCE across the lifespan:

  • Find inspiration and challenge for lives of connection, integrity and transcendence.
  • Articulate and live our Unitarian Universalist values and beliefs.

To grow in relationship, the people of UUCE across the lifespan:

  • Develop deep, broad, healthy relationships.
  • Connect across difference with authenticity and integrity.
  • Partner with Unitarian Universalist congregations and institutions to grow in covenant.
  • Build and steward the resources of UUCE together to advance our mission and Unitarian Universalism.

To serve with love and compassion, the people of UUCE across the lifespan:

  • Actively practice giving and receiving compassionate care.
  • Create a space of trust and safety to engage with issues that may divide us.
  • Work in authentic partnership with interfaith and community groups, to create a more just and compassionate world.