QuickGuides to Communications Media

QuickGuides show how to use our communications media tools to support our growth!

QuickGuide to Member Login to the UUCE Website and Social Media  (how to access the website private and public, how to engage in social media)

QuickGuide to UUCE Community Connections Posts (posts on the website also appear in the Unichord Newsletter and Sunday Order of Service.

QuickGuide to UUCE Event Schedule Request and Post (sends event to admin, reserves space, publishes to calendar on Website and Unichord.)

QuickGuide to UUCE Media Library (photo, audio, video, document sharing)

QuickGuide to Planning and Publishing Unichord Newsletter (Website and Benchmark Email)

QuickGuide to Worship Service Planning and Posting (Website, Google, SmartSheet)

QuickGuide to Creating the Order of Service from the Website and Worship Team Schedule – coming soon

QuickGuide to Creating Category Series of Posts Such as “Minister’s Message, “Monthly Themes”, “Share the Plate”, and “Circle of Life.”