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Winter Solstice

Join us this Sunday December 16 at 10:30 am for a Winter Solstice service led by Diana Heizer and Valerie Howells. This will be an intergenerational service to celebrate the light in the darkness. The choir will be singing.

We Begin with Compassion

How the opening phrase of the Quran regularly reminds Muslims of the pivotal role of compassion and mercy in our faith.

Better Together

Some of our most spiritual moments—where we’re really connected with the divine—happen when we’re in service to others and service of a more just and peaceful world. How can we be Better Together?

Our 3rd Principle: Acceptance of One Another

Some of our UU co-religionists sneer at the word ‘toleration,’ because they want not mere toleration, but embrace or celebration of some cause or value.  This attitude of disregard reveals ignorance of history, and of what a wonderful thing toleration is, especially when it is replacing bigotry and persecution.
Let’s start with mere toleration and move onward and upward from there.