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Life by Default

How do we decide what is correct and good? Let’s explore what happens when we choose differently.

How Are We Called to Regard Our Ideological Enemies?

As Unitarian Universalists, it’s not hard to recognize that we predominantly lean to the political left. We self-define as a “liberal religion.”

This tendency can sometimes draw us away from bedrock UU principles like tolerance and inclusion. When we’re far removed from orthodox religious thinking, we can find … read more.

Apologies in the Age of Social Justice

Apologizing is one of the very first social behaviors we are taught, but the instruction we’re given as young children isn’t necessarily setting us up for success as adults. Especially in an age of call-out culture, well-meant apologies can sometimes do more harm than good. … read more.

Father’s Day

Fathering is a big deal for the father, but is usually a much bigger deal for the child. As we said in the 60s, ‘parents are a heavy trip,’ meaning deeply and durably influencing. We all know many people who were loved and helped enormously … read more.

Who’s Driving This Thing Anyway?

Like the annual New Year’s rituals celebrate throughout the centuries, this Sunday we will be gathering for UUCE’s 154th Annual meeting. As we prepare ourselves for this passing of the torch from one year to the next, we’ll use our time on Sunday morning to … read more.