The Church Leadership Service

Presented by the Stewardship Team

We’ll be expanding our virtual connections with an interactive service remembering the UUCE members that have left a lasting legacy with our community.  We’ll begin the service reflecting on the different forms of “legacy” and then break into virtual small groups to discuss and remember those that have come before us.

Virtual Church Services How to Do It!

Here is how to Zoom (ZUUM):
1) Close all applications and files except your browser. (Chrome browser works best for  ZUUM.)

2) On your laptop, tablet, or smartphone – click on the provided zoom link. For Sunday service:

3) A small window will appear saying click to “open”

4) At bottom of your Zoom screen for a little icon of a video camera— click that and your camera will make you visible. If you do not click your camera, your photo or name will appear instead.

5) The mic icon is next to the video camera icon. When it has a red diagonal, it is muted. All mics are muted on entry. The host can mute or unmute you. You can unmute yourself to contribute in the discussion period.

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