Learning About Race: A “Teach-In” on Social Justice

When we come to church, one of our goals is to learn how to be the best human beings we can be. We do that through connecting, through contemplating – and also by learning. In collaboration with “Black Lives of Unitarian Universalism” (or BLUU), we are committed to stretching our current understanding of racial issues, not only in the United States, but also in our own congregation and in our own hearts. Instead of “worship as usual,” we will explore the history of racism, the ways that Unitarian Universalism has been involved in racial justice over the decades (including UUCE specifically), and how terminology and understanding of the issues has shifted from the Civil Rights Era to the present day – including words like “racism,” “white supremacy,” and “privilege.” A wise teacher once said, “Always do the best you can…until you know better. And then, when you know better, do better.” Please join us for this important work so we can support one another growing into a deeper understanding.

Leslie will be assisted by several lay leaders from the congregation.