Small Groups News

Small groups are alive and well . . . and growing.

First of all, the Adult Discussion Group met every week in January (including a joint meeting with the Social Justice Committee). Attendance has been good but the discussions have been excellent. The topics centered around “Home,” including childhood homes, the homes people were making now, childhood church homes and what church home folks are looking for next. This week we’ll be speaking of “Books/Movies.” There are still plenty of chairs for newcomers to sit in and plenty of air time for you to chime in with what you’re thinking. Please join us on the 3rd floor for some lively discussion.

Secondly, the Ethnic Eating kicked off with a bang with 22 enthusiastic diners sampling Afghani food in Kabul House on January 26th. The food was savory and the conversations that accompanied it were also delectable. On February 16th, we will be trying the cuisine of Algeria. Reservations have already been made but that shouldn’t preclude you from joining us to try the cuisine of Andorra. No, that’s not a misprint. Andorran cuisine is catalan and should be a taste treat you won’t want to miss. We will be going on March 22 (tentative date depending on the restaurant’s hours and numbers of Ethnic Eaters interested) which should give you plenty of notice to clear your calendars.

Thirdly, despite hearing from plenty of folks on the desirability of forming a new Covenant Group, the problem seems to be a mutually agreeable meeting time. The new thought is a daytime covenant group. If that idea is something you are interested in, please let Kathy or me know either at our individual emails in the directory or at

Lastly, new groups are in various stages of development such as a UUCE singles group or a new men’s group. If you have something you would like to pursue, let us know.
Dan Hislip

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