Social Justice Action for PADS of Elgin

A working group on homelessness in Elgin has drafted a letter to all elected and appointed officials of the city of Elgin requesting that they deed the property and its approximately 4.5 acres of land at 600 S. State Street to PADS of Elgin. This is the former administration building of the Elgin Mental Health Center. Following is a brief  overview of what PADS intends to do with a new facility. Some of these will be done immediately, and others will be developed over several years.

▪ Continue to operate an emergency shelter that will remain open 24/7

▪ Implement an effective outreach program

▪ Meal consolidation—centralized community kitchen where Soup Kettles can operate from

▪ Permanent supportive housing units using a hybrid Housing First Model (designated number of beds will be Housing First; designated number of beds will be through the Continuum of Care (COC))

▪ Create a “hub” facility where many social service organizations/businesses can offer services directly on site (i.e. legal, medical, mental health, substance abuse, etc.)

▪ Continue to expand number of units over time

▪ Expand into the entire PADS service area (northern Kane County and Hanover Township) and provide services and units outside of Elgin

I have also attached a document that provides more details on the Housing First approach to addressing the needs of the homeless.

If you live in the city of Elgin or Elgin Township you can show support for this proposal by signing the following letter.

Thanks to Mary Alice Masonick for bringing this to the attention of the Social Justice Team and the Board of Trustees. If you have any questions contact the Social Justice Team at


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