Speaker: Andrea Schmidlin

This I Believe

This I Believe is one of our cherished services in which members share the core values that guide their daily lives, and the path that brought them, eventually, to Unitarian Universalism. This time we will hear from Erica Lavine and Todd Stricker.

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Better Together

Some of our most spiritual moments—where we’re really connected with the divine—happen when we’re in service to others and service of a more just and peaceful world. How can we be Better Together?

Call to Action

In response to last week’s sermon “Faith in Action” we are going to do a special service on 11/17. In place of a sermon we will discuss social justice questions in a small group format.
The Social Justice Team will be using your answers as part of its work to re-energize UUCE’s commitment “to serve with love and compassion” from our mission statement.

The Elephant’s Foot

My 30 years as a white parent of children of color has taught me many things. In this service, I’ll share some of the lessons I’ve learned.

Worship Assistant: Anne Clough