Speaker: Anne Clough

Life by Default

How do we decide what is correct and good? Let’s explore what happens when we choose differently.

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Blue Christmas Vesper

For any number of reasons, we may not find ourselves in the Christmas spirit this year. Whether you are struggling with loss, mental health challenges, other out-of-season feelings or simply have the blues, you are invited to attend our Blue Christmas vespers service. We will … read more.

Everybody’s Story

“Where do we come from, who are we, where are we going?” These are the big questions.

Worship Assistant: Tom Durkin

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The Truth About Stories

Each of us operates in the world with a narrative that we tell ourselves. How do we keep our story from limiting our understanding of the truth? How do we open up to the stories of others

Worship Assistant: Dan Kalkbrenner

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If I Knew the Way

Anne Clough will lead us in a conversation regarding the direction of UUCE.

Worship Assistant: Tom Durkin

Serving Imperfectly

“Perfect is the enemy of good.” Perfectionism can be paralyzing and limiting, leading us to fear the new. What would we love to try but fear to fail? How can we, as a beloved community, support one another in living free of the need to be perfect?

Worship Assistant: Tom Durkin

Blue Christmas Evening Vesper Service

This is a quiet time for those who seek respite from jingle bells and holly jolly. This vespers service is also for those experiencing grief and depression. There will be meditation, sharing of words, and simple music.

What if?

The potential of sharing our authentic religious experience.

Worship Assistant: David Yaeger