Dan Kalkbrenner

If You Can Keep It

We will explore the characteristics of some of our founding American statesmen with emphasis on Presidents Washington and Lincoln. The relationship between Freedom, Virtue, and Religion will be related to our Unitarian Universalist principles. Can we keep it? Let us see. Worship Assistant: Dave Yaeger

Unitarian Universalist Values in Vocation

What does my UU religion have to do with vocation or work. We will explore our UU Values and how they relate to work and any organization.

Worship Assistant: Dave Yaeger

Rev. William Stevens Balch

Who was Rev. William Stevens Balch? Come hear an historical minded sermon to learn about this remarkable man. And be prepared to be transported back to the 1870’s. Some little known aspects of Elgin’s history, UUCE history, and some early congregants will be revealed.

Worship Assistant: Valerie Howells